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The History

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"And the rest is......."


Trout's corral was established in 2005.

We had one horse at the time.

We didn't know what the future held.

Over the years we've purchased quite a few horses.

While we've kept most of them, some have been sold.

This page is dedicated to the horses that have moved on to greener pastures.

We've also included pictures of our parents horses as well.

We've also added some of our horse pedigrees on the next page.



Kachina is a Belgian Appaloosa cross.
She was the first horse we bought together.
She was 15.1 hands and weighed 1500 pounds.
Kachina taught us a lot about horses.
She is currently a 4H horse and loves her new home.
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"Jinjer" is a Haflinger. She is 13.1 hands tall.
Jinjer was purchased primarily for lessons.
We let the students name her. She was a great lesson horse

We sold Jinjer in April 2009. She is being well

taken care of and enjoying her new home.

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Jed010.jpg (37377 bytes) "Jed" is a Percheron draft horse.
He is 17.1 hands tall and weighs 1780 pounds.
We purchased Jed from the Flying B Ranch in Prescott.

He drives, rides and is very confident.
He was part of the Bison Ranch hitch and loves to work and have fun.

We sold Jed in January 2013 to the Tickle Family.
Jed is enjoying life back in Prescott.


Panda 004.jpg (26343 bytes) "Panda"  is a registered Pinto Draft horse.
She is a Percheron with pinto markings.
Panda is 15.1 hands tall and 1200 pounds.
She's a curious horse but once her halter goes on all
she wants to do is her job.
Panda was born May 16, 2002.
We sold Panda in March 2013 to Christa S.


Toby is a registered Quarter horse.
He is 16 hands tall and weighs around 1450 pounds.
Toby was sold to the Swanson family.
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Mac is a Haflinger. He is 13.2 hands and was born in 2009.
He rides and drives and was a lot of fun.
Mac is now enjoying his days in Payson, Arizona
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